EES is in demand across the world to take on the role of owner’s engineer...

EES is in demand across the world to take on the role of owner’s engineer on all types of power plant, from conventional coal, oil, gas and hydro plants, to nuclear and offshore installations.
We keep abreast of industry innovations, enabling our clients to benefit from new technologies.


We offer training courses that cover all types of excitation system, generator protection and synchronising schemes. Real data and events are used to assist the learning. Training courses are tailored so that the course content covers the specific needs of the client.  Each delegate will leave with a comprehensive set of training material.

Fault finding/Breakdowns

EES has a vast experience of fault finding and breakdown support.

That could be fault investigation / root cause analysis, commissioning spares parts, temporary modifications or refurbishing damaged equipment.

We have an excellent record in identifying root causes during major fault investigations and our engineers have been asked to sit on boards of inquiry on numerous occasions.

Asset assessments/Spares

Evaluating the long term availability of parts and the risk associated with excitation equipment.  We can perform an assessment of your equipment to understand the long term risk or to build a case for refurbishment or replacement. We can also source spare parts and ascertain the OEM levels of support that are available for your equipment. We also have a small spares holding of excitation system modules, components and other associated equipment.

Grid code compliance

We have an extensive knowledge of grid code compliance in the UK and around the world. We can offer support for new connections or existing connections with replacement or modified excitation equipment.

EES have commissioned Power System Stabiliser systems in the UK, USA and Asia. We can assist in the design, installation and commissioning of PSS systems. We have all the necessary equipment to test and analyse PSS systems both in the UK and overseas.

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